About The Akademia Music Awards
The Akademia Music Awards is dedicated to recognizing top musical talent from all across the globe. Music submissions in each genre are reviewed by our executive team and the winners are presented at the Annual Awards.
The Akademia Program consists of three components:
Award Recognition

If you are selected for award recognition by Akademia as Artist Of The Year in your genre or for Song Of The Year, you are in rarefied company. Through your Award Certificate, Artist Spotlight and recognition at our Annual Awards, our recognition can open the door to global stardom and long term career success.

Global Media Campaign

We launch your music through our extensive media network which spans 200 media channels targeting major cities all across the world. The Global Media Campaign is the key to delivering your music to audiences in all regions of the world. Our executive team monitors your chart activity and listener response to see where your music is catching fire and to accelerate that momentum.




Akademia Sustainable Living Program

The key to growth in the new era is to harness your own power to adapt and rebalance the basic equation of your existence. As the old ways unravel, it will become increasingly difficult to create music and ensure your artistic legacy unless you take steps to build a new sustainable living foundation. Akademia will give you the tools and support to accomplish this. In the process, you'll gain back that which matters most - your time. 


The Akademia Music Awards

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