About The Akademia Music Awards

The Akademia Music Awards is dedicated to recognizing top musical talent from all across the globe. Each month, our executive team reviews hundreds of music submissions in each genre to identify and select the top artists. Winners will participate in our upcoming 2022 Gala Event broadcast from Los Angeles, California and have the opportunity to enroll in our groundbreaking Artist Acclerator Program. This program is only available to Akademia Music Award winners.

Akademia's Artist Accelerator Program consists of three components:

Award Recognition

If you are selected for award recognition by Akademia, you stand among the top echelon of new artists. If you are selected for Artist Of The Year in your genre, you are in even more rarefied company. Through your Award Certificate, Artist Spotlight and recognition at our annual Gala Event, our recognition can open the door to global stardom and long term career success.

Global Marketing Campaign

We launch your music through our extensive media network which spans 200 radio, press, video, retail, licensing and live channels targeting major cities all across the world. The Global Marketing Campaign is the key to delivering your music to audiences in all regions of the world. Our executive team monitors your chart activity and listener response to see where your music is catching fire and to accelerate that momentum.


Akademia Cities

Imagine performing in front of a crowd of over 300,000 screaming fans in Akademia Diamond City arena in Los Angeles, before embarking on a world tour through major cities like Rome, Paris, Rio De Janeiro, Tokyo, Istanbul, Sydney and Beijing. This is the vision behind the Akademia City initiative, which will become home to live concert venues and media properties - all with the sole purpose of connecting award-winning artists with audiences across the globe.

See how winning an Akademia Music Award can put you on a path to realizing your full potential as a new global music star.

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The Akademia Music Awards

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