Why The Akademia?

Built upon time-tested knowledge and new media technology, The Akademia offers two vital professional services: Award Recognition and our Creative Management Service, designed to unlock your full creative power through a global marketing campaign and 360-degree artist support structure. This global marketing campaign spans 150 radio stations and 50 press, video, retail, licensing and live event channels. At The Akademia, we believe that access to the top tier of industry service and marketing should not just be available to those with the 'right connections' or 'deep pockets', but to anyone who demonstrates ingenuity, hard work, a positive attitude and an unquenchable desire for success. Read below to see how The Akademia's Creative Management Service can realign your foundation and put you on a path to realizing your full potential as an individual, musician, and global agent of change.


The foundation for any successful creative endeavor or career is built upon solid health, fitness and nutrition practices. Whether your vision requires significant studio time, a world tour or simply looking good on camera, you're going to need the star-level health & fitness processes The Akademia service offers.

So many commercial artists nowadays find the energy in their career is blocked here because they fail to let new ideas into the creative process. Look carefully at the enduring artists you admire and you'll see that they have made a habit of lifelong learning. They understand that this is an essential step in the energy pathway and The Akademia program is second-to-none in this area.

The Akademia is poised on the cutting edge of visualization science. As pioneers of the Five Laws of the Quantum Mind, let us guide you in the use of these powerful principles to enhance your creative vision, shape your reality and bring about the goals that you cherish most.

Ready to get started?

If your latest music project is currently under development, you may still apply to the Creative Management Service without submitting a work at this time by clicking here.



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