About The Akademia Music Awards

The Akademia Music Awards is dedicated to recognizing top musical talent from all across the globe. Each month, our executive team reviews hundreds of music submissions in each genre to identify and select the top artists. Winners will participate in our upcoming 2020 Gala Event broadcast from Los Angeles, California and have the opportunity to enroll in our groundbreaking Artist Acclerator Program. This program is only available to Akademia Music Award winners.

Akademia's Artist Accelerator Program consists of three components:

Global Marketing Campaign

We launch your music through our extensive media network which spans 200 radio, press, video, retail, licensing and live channels targeting major cities all across the world. The Global Marketing Campaign is the key to delivering your music to audiences in all regions of the world.

Quantum Core Program

We provide you with a new industry class of talent support. The Quantum Core Program helps you to develop the physical, intellectual and imaginative capabilities required to achieve and manage global stardom and to achieve long term success.


Music Mogul Program

We provide you with the revenue-earning opportunity to build significant financial resources and become an industry power broker in your own right and a lifeline to new artists who you decide to bring up in the game. Become a music mogul and an inspiration to many.

See how winning an Akademia Music Award can put you on a path to realizing your full potential as a new global music star.

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The Akademia Music Awards

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