Imagine an institute that could transform you into your ideal self and bring your vision to the world. That's what a university was supposed to do. Akademia does it for less than $100 per month and enables you to launch your vision.

How Do We Do It?

By Understanding Your Vision

We start with your vision, your passion, what you truly love doing. If you already know what it is, Akademia helps you to develop that vision. If you are unsure, Akademia helps you to discover it.


Developing Your Vision

Our groundbreaking four-year curriculum provides an essential bridge between traditional knowledge and higher level principles, giving you the tools to directly program your reality. This is knowledge you cannot obtain anywhere else and, unlike a university, costs less than $100 per month.

Taking Your Vision Global.

Akademia's recognition and marketing program spans over 150 media sites targeting major cities all across the globe. Our program gives you global exposure and, in the process, shifts your narrative from one of inertia to one of success.


Supporting Your Vision.

Akademia's client referral program makes it possible to develop, launch and partially or completely cover the cost of the program all at the same time. By encouraging others to discover their passion and share it with the world, you become empowered to do the same. This is the key to changing the world for the better.

You can start immediately and it requires only one hour per day. Akademia guarantees that you cannot find this knowledge or opportunity anywhere else. If within 30 days of trying Akademia, you determine this not to be the case, we will happily refund your payment.


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