Akademia Pledge Of Excellence

1. Akademia is an educational institute, first and foremost, and our students are our number one priority.

2. We provide a comprehensive four-year integrated curriculum to ensure the full development of each student's unique vision.

3. Your first month's tuition is fully refundable within 30 days of commencing courses (before the next automatic payment is deducted) if you are not satisfied for any reason. To obtain a refund, simply email refund@theakademia.com with your first & last name and your request.

4. As a student, there is no requirement to participate in the Akademia business opportunity. This is solely for students who wish to cover the costs of their education and earn additional income.

5. We will ensure accurate and timely monthly payment to all students participating in the business opportunity.

6. Akademia understands that our reputation is your reputation and we continually strive to ensure that we comply with all applicable national, state and municipal regulations in all countries of operation.


Akademia. Making Your Vision A Reality.


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