The first Akademia City will be built on a 200+ acre land lot north of Los Angeles, California. Construction of infrastructure and key civic features will begin this year, and housing construction will begin as soon as the necessary regulatory and permitting steps are completed (approximately 3 - 4 years). The time is now to get involved in the planning process and to contribute your ideas. This includes everything from your selection of your home model to the type of amenities you'd like to see included. You'll be able to move into Akademia City and start construction on your new home with no down payment required! By working in the community, you'll be able to pay off your home in a few short years.

Here is a the plan for the first phase of construction:

Akademia City will be 100% self-sustainable through the use of solar power, recycling, renewable agriculture and use of electric-only vehicles. It will also be a thriving new center for art, music, film, literature and entertainment. Here are the housing and community details:

  Housing Types   Size   Accommodates   Estimated Cost*
  Townhome (2 Bedrooms / 2 Bathrooms)   1,500 square feet   1 - 4   $20,000 USD
  Home (3 Bedrooms / 2 Bathrooms)   3,000 square feet   3 - 6   $30,000 USD
  Villa (4 Bedrooms / 3 Bathrooms)   5,000 square feet   4 - 8   $50,000 USD
  Mansion (6 Bedrooms / 6 Bathrooms)   7,000 square feet   6 - 12   $70,000 USD
  Estate Home (8 Bedrooms / 8 Bathrooms)   10,000 square feet   8 - 16   $100,000 USD

* Costs are estimates only and may vary significantly depending upon regulatory factors, infrastructure costs and availability of materials. Costs assume a standard finish with exterior and interior paint and ceramic tile floors. Finishes may be altered or upgraded at buyer's expense. A swimming pool may be added for $5000 - $10000, depending upon size.

  Planned Community Amenities:            
  Amphitheatre (10000 capacity)            
  Shopping District (6 restaurants, 3 night clubs, shopping and more)
  4 Community Swimming pools            
  Fitness Center            
  Four-Year Higher Education Institute            
  Movie Theaters            
  Music Studio            
  Film Studio            
  Art & Design Studio            
  3 Radio Stations            
  3 News Media Networks            
  Medical Center            
  Driverless Electric Taxi System            
  Music, Film & Art Festivals and more            

Become A Resident Of Akademia City:

Our innovative model puts the focus back on people and human creativity, not money. The extremely low cost of Akademia housing and food and the provision of all other services for free is possible because there are no 'middle men' contractors involved and because it is not our mission to generate profit from this project. Our sole interest is to create a new environment where you and your family can thrive.

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