Be your own boss. Akademia's program makes it possible to launch and potentially fund your vision through our global marketing platform and client referral program.

Take Your Vision Global

Our groundbreaking program and the knowledge it provides empower you to develop your vision, while our Global Marketing platform takes your vision global through our network of over 150 media sites targeting major cities all across the globe.



Fund Your Vision

Akademia's global marketing platform is designed to drive revenue back to you to fund your vision. In addition, you'll receive a significant commission for every client that you refer to Akademia, for each month that they remain enrolled. That’s a potentially longterm revenue stream requiring no additional work on your part.

Akademia Advantage

Witness the advantages of Akademia:

- Pay less than $100 per month

- Start immediately on your phone

- Requires less than one hour per day

- Develop your vision

- Launch your vision

- Fund your vision

- Learn higher level principles not available anywhere else


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