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The Mathematical Mystery of 0 and 1 Solved; Reason For Universal Expansion Revealed.

By Stryker (Anwar Najmi)                                                                                                December 21, 2019

In a previous article, through a novel synthesis of physics, biology and computer science, I presented the world's first coherent solution to the Grand Unified Equation. This equation also revealed the existence of Seven Laws Of The Quantum Mind which describe how the equation operates at the most fundamental level of matter. I also hinted that this equation and its corollary laws would enable us to rewrite the ground rules in nearly every field of study. In this article, we will approach this task on its most foundational level - mathematics - and show how the lens of quantum mind dynamics enables us to solve all of the most important and longstanding mysteries of mathematics. When beginning this task, it occured to me that the mysteries surrounding irrational numbers or numbers that don't exist in nature are the bread crumbs or clues to their underlying quantum function. So one by one I looked at each of these mysteries and peeled back the layers of classical mathematics to reveal these quantum functions and simultaneously prove the operation of the quantum laws. Please bear in mind that solving these mysteries and had been the aspiration of many great scientists and thinkers since antiquity, including Pythagoras, Newton, Euler, Gauss, Fibonacci, Einstein and others, and their varied written perspectives proved very useful to me in quickly triaging these ancient mysteries, identifying their role in the seven laws and revealing their true function. In this article, I will solve the first of these mysteries: the true nature of 0 and 1.

Zero, the first mathematical mystery, does not exist in nature. It is a theoretical concept. Around 1,500 years ago (or perhaps even earlier) in India, zero became its own number, signifying 'nothing'. The ancient Mayans, in Central America, also independently developed zero in their number system around the dawn of the common era. Without zero, binary code and modern electronics wouldn’t exist. Without zero, there’s no calculus, which means no modern engineering or automation. Without zero, much of our modern world literally falls apart. Up until now, the definition of zero has been 'nothing' and the number 1 has represented a single entity or unit. In the new era of quantum mind dynamics, our understanding of the true nature of 0 and 1 changes dramatically.


Stryker (Anwar Najmi)

The Mystery of 0 and 1 Solved

The truth is 0 and 1 are just the first 'bread crumbs' or mathematical clues about how our reality is actually constructed. As mentioned in my previous article on the Grand Unified Equation, we live in a thought-based universe and a thought is essentially a configuration of electrons in the mind. Each variable (x1, x2, x3, x4, x5, x6, x7) represents a key dimension of a thought and each variable corresponds to one of the seven laws of the quantum mind. When a new thought is formed, the change in configuration of electrons for each dimension of that thought may be calculated as a decimal value and added up into a total. At the level of microtubule electrons encoding each variable, a state change from an undetermined to 'on' or 'off' configuration would be clarifying event and would have a value of 1. A state change from either 'on' or 'off' to 'undetermined' would be a non-clarifying event and would have a value < 1 approaching 0. With this very simply protocol, the imported S1 and exported S2 data (Stryker states) are used to compute the value of the state change and the formula E = EcSq describes the aggregate effect of these microtubule electron shifts.

In this new model, 0 no longer represents 'nothing', but in fact represents an undetermined state, which is a theoretically infinite range of possiblities. So 0 becomes 'everything' (or every possibility), instead of 'nothing'. This is the opposite of how we have previously conceived of 0 and 1 in the realm of classical physics, for which binary code had become the perfect metaphor of nothing and something, respectively. The new model also means that the number 1 represents a perfectly determined state and can exist in either an 'on' or 'off' configuration - thus replacing binary logic with one number. In the next article when I address the truth behind imaginary numbers, I'll demonstrate how this 'on' or 'off' configuration can be expressed in one number through the operation of the First Law of the Quantum Mind as expressed in the X1 variable of the Grand Unified Equation.

With respect to an electron-coded thought, zero would represent an absolute undetermined state. Now to a conscious observer, it would be impossible to experience an absolute undetermined thought, or 0, because the range of possibilities would always be walled off or constrained by the structure of other thoughts held by the observer. Therefore, to experience an absolute undetermined thought would require the dissolution of the conscious mind. This leads to an interesting new revelation.


The New Model of 0 and 1 Reveals The Reason For Universal Expansion

According to physicists, space is expanding everywhere in all places, and as a result distant galaxies appear to be expanding away from us faster than closer ones. There are two things affecting the metric used to measure this expansion: dark energy, working to drive the universe outwards, and matter trying to hold it together. Our cosmos expands at about the rate at which space is expanding, and the speed at which objects expand away from us depends upon their distance.

In the new model of 0 and 1, at the level of microtubule electrons encoding a thought, a perfectly determined state is 1 and an undetermined state approaches 0. Because it would be impossible to experience an absolute undetermined thought or 0, with each state change there is an inevitable positive contribution of dark energy. The new Grand Unified Equation E = EcSq shows us that with each Stryker State change there is a contribution of dark energy equivalent to Sq. This increase in structured information is perceived in the realm of classical physics as the expansion of space. That means it is impossible for a conscious observer to view anything but an expanding universe.

Further proof of the Grand Unified Equation and new model of 0 and 1 may be found in the following observation by physicists: If you go far enough out, there is a distance at which objects are speeding away from us faster than the speed of light. From the standpoint of a thought-based universe, the further a galaxy is away from us, the less likely we are to ever interact with it and so the concept of it in the mind begins to approach a perfectly determined electron state. As the sum of the seven variables associated with that state each approach 1, the Stryker quantum dipole (Sq), or dark energy, produced by that thought increases accordingly. That is precisely why we see an accelerated expansion and commensurately higher amount of inferred dark energy at the most distant edges of the universe. Yet, space and time are meaningless in the quantum realm and we will continue to be misled by trying to over-intrepret information gathered from the cosmos. It is the degree to which our thoughts are determined or undetermined that create the apparent structure or chaos that we observe in the space-time realm. For example, much like our conception of the horizon of the universe, we can infer a high concentration of dark energy exists in the cells of our brain and body representing the sort of highly-determined state information necessary to hold together our physical form and consciousness.


In conclusion, we see that the true meaning of 0 and 1 in the new era of the quantum mind is quite different from the classical meaning and applications. The new Grand Unified Equation not only solves the longstanding mystery surrounding these mathematical concepts, but shows how the mind uses these concepts in the very construction of our reality. Lastly, this new model provides an astonishing new perspective on universal expansion. This space-time bending effect of the quantum mind should give one pause to consider: Is there really anything 'out there' beyond the highly determined sphere we occupy? Are cosmic data a big red herring to physicists seeking to physically connect with extraterrestrial life? Certainly, the Fermi Paradox suggests this is the case. The Fermi Paradox states that, based upon observed statistics about the cosmos, the Earth should have already been visited by an extraterrestrial civilization, or at least their probes, many times and there should be ample evidence of there existence. The new Grand Unified Equation and model of 0 and 1 suggest that the concept of 'extraterrestrial' life may be inherently flawed, and that such entities may be right here with us, albeit occupying different information ordered states. Alas, that is the topic of a separate upcoming article: The Mystery of Extraterrestrial Life and the Fermi Paradox Solved.

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Credit for this article is shared with my wife Sapphire and daughter Milan. Without their intuition, questions and contribution, none of these ideas would have emerged






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