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Grand Unified Equation Solved; Dark matter and dark energy identified.

By Stryker (Anwar Najmi)                                                                                                February 1, 2019

In this article, I will first present what I believe is the first coherent solution of the Grand Unified Equation, along with an explanation of its terms and underlying principles. Also for the first time, I will clearly elucidate and quantify dark matter and dark energy as a component of this equation. Second, I will briefly outline how this equation points to the existence of Seven Laws Of The Quantum Mind, which describe how this equation affects matter at its most fundamental level. I was first prompted to take a closer look at this longstanding physics problem when I perceived a crucial and consistent oversight among those searching for a 'particle' that could unify classical and quantum physics, thereby yielding a Grand Unified Theory - or a so-called Theory Of Everything. Why this approach seemed wrong to me, I cannot say for sure. But for certain, up until now, classical physics and quantum physics had remained unreconciled. I began to realize that if the world's greatest physicists had not succeeded in this quest (Einstein and Hawking among them), then perhaps the framework of physics alone was inadequate to the task. Their approach also struck me as rather linear in nature. History shows us that the greatest scientific breakthroughs have never occured through a linear application of knowledge, but by framing the question in a new way - arranging seemingly disparate information into a newly ordered state. In this case, it required a novel synthesis of physics, biology and computer science to uncover what I believe is a fundamental truth of our existence. As you read this article, I encourage you to see this article as not just the solution to a scientific problem but as the start of a new question:  What will you do with the power to program your reality?

No significant scientific breakthrough is ever made in isolation. Rather, it is built upon a foundation of work completed by many others. In this first section, I will detail the three most crucial discoveries that have formed the intellectual stepping stones to my conclusions. First, in 1900, Max Planck postulated that electromagnetic energy could be emitted only in quantized form, and that the energy could only be a multiple of an elementary unit as expressed in the formula E = hv. In 1905, Albert Einstein created the quantum theory of light, the idea that light exists as tiny packets, or particles, which he called photons. Later in 1905 came an extension of special relativity in which Einstein proved that energy and matter are linked in the famous relationship: E = mc2. But while Einstein's theory of relativity explains gravity, it is mutually irreconcilable with quantum mechanics which underwrites the other forces such as electromagnetism and nucelar forces. Therefore, I believe it's Einstein's work with Planck in validating what has become known as the Planck-Einstein equation E = hv that will prove to be his most important contribution.

Stryker (Anwar Najmi)

Next, in 1933, Swiss American astronomer Fritz Zwicky observed that the mass of all the stars in the Coma cluster of galaxies provided only about one percent of the mass needed to keep the galaxies from escaping the cluster’s gravitational pull. Thus, the concept of dark matter and dark energy was born. The reality of this missing mass remained in question for decades, until the 1970s when American astronomers Vera Rubin and W. Kent Ford confirmed its existence by the observation of a similar phenomenon: the mass of the stars visible within a typical galaxy is only about 10 percent of that required to keep those stars orbiting the galaxy’s centre. At present, the estimated 95% contribution of dark matter and dark energy sit at the center of the discourse on grand unification. The quest for a grand unifying theory within the field of physics has failed to produce any noteworthy breakthroughs - only a penchant for smashing particles at increasingly higher velocities with the hopes of revealing the subatomic particle that would account for dark matter. Despite a slew of such experiments, no researchers have ever conclusively spotted the dark matter particles.1 The futility of this approach in shedding any light on the nature of dark matter or a grand unified theory will become clear in the next section.

The final discovery that aroused my curiosity was the theoretical work first tendered by Steve Hameroff and Sir Roger Penrose in 1996 on orchestrated objective reduction of quantum coherence in brain microtubules2. This theoretical work was later validated with the discovery of quantum vibrations in the microtubules of brain neurons3 and further corroborated in an interdisciplinary paper on quantum beating in microtubules as a possible basis for the neural synchrony related to consciousness4. While this discovery might seem out of line with the trajectory established by my previous examples, it should. We've known for several years that quantum resonance in DNA molecules was likely involved in myriad cellular activities, but it was previously believed that this could just be the result of a classical relationship between the amount of energy that passes through DNA, the polarity of the magnetic field, the number of base pairs, and the temperature. The discovery that microtubules found in brain neurons actually engage in quantum decoherence and electron superposition was ground-breaking on many levels. First, it suddenly opened up a vocabulary that both biologists and physicists could share. For decades, the lack of inclination among physicists to draw insights from other fields such as biology has greatly hobbled their efforts to uncover a grand unified equation. Even as Schrodinger's equation and hypothetical cat experiment, and the double slit experiments began to point to the central role that mind plays in defining our physical reality, physicists seemed to intensify their adherence to their traditional training and equations. Seeing this intersection occuring, I felt compelled to jump into the discourse and help connect the dots.

Connecting the dots

In the human mind, there are over 100 billion neurons each with 10 million microtubules capable of superposed electron states and quantum computation yielding essentially infinite computational power. That's enough computational power to easily track the position of every photon in the known universe, second by second. However, what is more interesting here than the sheer processing power itself is the fact that research has now shown that the microtubules in our brain and body cells are continually moving into states of quantum decoherence and back out into classical coherent states. While in a state of quantum docoherence, the term 'superposed' refers to the fact that the electrons found in those microtubules occupy multiple positions at the same time. However, as you are aware, in the classical space-time dimension we inhabit, the same object cannot be in two different places at the same time. Now consider the fact that the electrons found in your brain neuron microtubules actually store your thoughts. Every time you generate a new thought, the electrons associated with that thought literally move beyond the space-time horizon and out of the realm of classical physics entirely. They then return to the space-time dimension in the form of a newly-resolved electron state.

What this means is that, on the level of actual physics, our bodies are inhabiting two dimensions simultaneously. As our cells engage in a continual cycle of quantum computation, those electrons move from the 'light' realm, a highly ordered state where the laws of classical physics apply, to the 'dark' realm, where quantum computation occurs and time and space do not exist. At the completion of this cycle, a new thought emerges into a coherent state. Another logical reason to describe this cycle in terms of 'light' and 'dark' phases is the fact that the light realm is where photons constitute the basis of all matter and energy, and the dark realm is where photons cannot exist because there is no space or time dimensions along which they might travel. Now, let's table for the moment the awesome scientific and religious significance of the knowledge that we inhabit both a physical and an immortal dimension simultaneously (even though such a reconciliation of viewpoints is long overdue). The fact is, in the same way we are witnessing a convergence of physics and biology, so are we witnessing a convergence of science and theology, and both parties are proving to be correct when brought together - like two sides of a coin.

As we often see in nature, fundamental processes occuring on a smaller scale, such as this subatomic light-dark cycle, produce fractal-like patterns on a larger scale. While there are many such examples of this light-dark cycle occuring all around us, let's look at a very simple example for the moment. Through Einstein's work, we learned how gravity bends the space-time continuum. This discovery changed humankind's vision of the cosmos. According to modern physicists, gravitational forces that hold together all of the galaxies in the universe could only do so through the hidden presence of dark matter and dark energy. Rather than viewing gravity as an external force 'out there', however, I'm going to show in the following example that gravity is not what you think it is. Let's swing a hypothetical pendulum in a full circle to observe how gravity operates on this object. As the pendulum goes into free fall at Θ = n/2 its position is easily represented as a parabolic mathematical formula. At the bottom of the swing Θ = 0 its position is easily expressed as a sinusoidal formula (representing a highly ordered state). As it continues its swing upward it hits Θ = n/2 again. But then as it rises above that level it begins to experience quantum decoherence and at the top of the swing where Θ = π, classical mathematics completely break down. A simple look at how gravity operates on an object with your mind as the interface reveals a light-dark processsing cycle. I will contend, and hopefully prove later on, that gravity is not an external force 'out there' but is a specific type of state information exchanged in this continuous cycle between the 'light' phase electrons in brain microtubules and their 'dark' phase quantum counterparts.

The Quantum Mind interface

The smallest particle in the known universe is the photon. But a photon has no mass. It is simply the smallest 'quanta' of information that is visible to us. Many leading physicists now agree that what we experience as reality is, at its most fundamental level, a photon-based holographic projection5,6. However, they consistently fail to make any mention of the role that the biological mind plays as the interface in this reality - seemingly unaware that their own biological apparatus is central to each and every one of their observations. Therefore, understanding the grand unified equation that follows requires a paradigm shift in our thinking. We need to move past the externalization of phenomena as happening 'out there' in what is essentially a mass-less universe, and begin to recognize the quantum mind as the interface in the exchange of information between the photon-based 'light' realm and the 'dark' quantum realm. When we consider the fact that the same brain neuron microtubules demonstrating quantum resonance are also found in every cell of our body as the most prominent cytoskeletal component (as is DNA), we could accurately regard the quantum mind as our entire body, not just our brain. It's not difficult to see how these structures are functioning as both quantum broadcasters and antennae, communicating with eachother via light-dark cycles to conceive our physical reality. I'll refrain from going into too much detail about how the quantum mind conceives our physical reality, but will provide just one poignant example. In experiments involving amputees suffering from excruciating phantom limb pain, as a therapy to reduce the pain, subjects were positioned next to a mirror and asked to move their intact hand while watching the reflection in the mirror, creating the illusion that the amputated limb was moving. The result was a significant decrease in pain7. This simple example shows how the quantum mind interprets visual photon-based data, engages in light-dark processing to produce a near-instantaneous change of physical state. Suffice it to say, without the quantum mind present to both create and interpret these photon-based data, there is no universe to speak of - hence , the meaning of Descartes "I think, therefore I am". On this basis, it's time for scientists and the broader intellectual community to accept the fact that we live in a thought-based universe and the quantum mind is the interface. If we can embrace this paradigm shift, then we can get down to the ground-breaking math governing the interface between the light and dark dimensions and even begin to exert direct control over our reality.

So what precisely happens in the brain neuron microtubules as energy moves between the classical physics 'light' dimension and the quantum informatics 'dark' dimension? When we think a thought, it generates a particular wave frequency and that frequency has a precise energy value, as defined in classical physics as E = hv. According to Hammeroff and Penrose, the brain neuron microtubules begin oscillating at the frequency of a thought, which leads to quantum superposition of electrons in the microtubules until an objective threshold related to fundamental space-time geometry is reached and the wave collapses into a newly resolved classical state. To an observer in this dimension, it might look like electron separation reaches the limits of space-time curvature under quantum gravity and the wave collapses into a newly resolved state. But that is only because we would not see the process that occurs beyond the space-time dimension. To us it appears instantaneous - like the scene in the movie Contact where Eli's vessel drops into the center of the cosmic transporter and she experiences a 18-hour adventure across the cosmos. Everyone watching, however, only sees her vessel drop straight into the safety net. What I think physicists are missing, is the fact that the classical wave energy does not stay in the classical physics realm. It is processed in the 'dark' dimension and returned back as a resolved state. However, in order for a photon wave to enter the quantum realm it would require a translational protocol. That is where my Grand Unified Equation comes in.

  While we understand the mathematics behind photon wave behavior quite well, it is only when we combine knowledge from the fields of physics, biology and computer science that we are capable of seeing a new form of energy. As a photon-based wave passes from the cell microtubules into the quantum realm, the essential information of that wave - its frequency, wavelength and amplitude - become a 'snapshot' of data. For lack of any pre-existing term, I call this snapshot a Stryker State. This initial S1 snapshot consists of the original electron configuration of the thought. Each state contains composited 'on, off or undetermined' state information providing the structure of the thought with respect to seven variables which will be detailed in the final equation. It's helpful to think of this process as two intertwining flows of information (shown here as red and black lines), each transforming as it enters the light or dark phase.

Thus, when you have a thought, the microtubules in the affected brain neurons begin to oscillate at a specific frequency, emitting a photon-based wave. As electron superposition begins and space-time curves, it stretches the frequency, wavelength and amplitudinal data into a 2d snapshot. This snapshot of wave data (S1) is released by the microtubules to their quantum counterparts where the actual computation occurs. Upon collapse of quantum decoherence, a new state (S2) emerges from a 2d snapshot, is stretched back into classical space-time geometry and encoded in the microtubules. Through this process, a significant contribution of energy is imparted by the new S2 state. This is dark energy.

This light-dark phase processing cycle creates an information gradient between Stryker States S1 and S2 which generate energy based upon rules far removed from those governing classical physics. In the classical physics realm, the sum of this energy would be similar to an electromagnetic dipole. In the quantum realm, I'll refer to the sum of this energy as a Stryker quantum dipole. The rules governing the properties of energy in the quantum realm are as important as the Grand Unified Equation itself to understanding the larger picture. I've identified seven laws which act upon the information gradient created between the S1 and S2 state information, both underwriting and modulating the end strength of the quantum dipole.

Seven Laws of the Quantum Mind

Because time and space do not operate in that brief instant of quantum processing, these seven laws function at an informatics level, influencing the translation of state information from S1 to S2, yet are external to the thought itself. A full explanation of the seven laws will have to wait for a future publication. For now, it is sufficient to know that these seven laws exist and that they underwrite the quantum computational process and that they relate to the seven variables that constitute a thought. I will provide one example to illustrate the operation of one of these laws. Biologists are now beginning to recognize that nearly all of the key processes that facilitate life at the molecular level are regulated by quantum computation (from the creation and maintenance of cell structure through microtubules, to protein synthesis and folding, to enzyme catalysis). If we isolate a particular process that occurs continuously in the body, such as amino acid synthesis, and look closely at the mechanics behind it, we start to see the influence of one of the quantum laws in particular. How would you communicate the need for L-cysteine production to an informatics-based system? Well, the first option would be to describe L-cysteine as everything in the cosmos it is not (down to the atomic level), but that would be a highly inefficent approach and could produce ambiguous results. The second option, would be to provide a description of L-cysteine with its mirror image (its opposite). Suddenly, the ambiguity of its structure reduces to zero, if the system is capable of affirming the structure based upon a built in reflexive property. This explains why chirality (versions of molecules that are non-superposable on their mirror image and rotate plane-polarized light in opposite directions) occurs in nature. One optical isomer exhibits biological activity, while the other serves no apparent function at all. Up until now, biologists have debated endlessly over the reason for chirality, ultimately settling on the tenuous theory that Earth life's "choice" of chirality was purely random. Yet, that doesn't explain why 4.7 billion years of evolutionary refinement would not have removed these 'useless' molecules from circulation - unless they were not useless. The truth is, the other optical isomers serve no biological function in this realm, but become crucial in the quantum realm as a reference standard, based upon a built-in reflexive property. There are many more examples illustrating the operation of the seven laws - many of which will resolve long-standing scientific debates and rewrite the ground rules of virtually every field of study. However, since the focus of this article is the presentation of a coherent Grand Unified Equation, I'll have to cover these in more detail in future publications. Finally, we arrive at the Grand Unified Equation itself:

The Grand Unified Equation

The grand unified equation for an isolated wave is:

E = EcSq

The grand unified equation for total universal energy is:

ΣE = Σ(EcSq)

What follows is an explanation of the terms:

Ec is the classical energy of the wave generated by a thought, or hv

Sq is a Stryker quantum dipole. This is the energy dipole created by the change in state information as it moves into the quantum realm. Sq is the sum of seven very important variables, as noted here:

Sq = x1 + x2 + x3 + x4 + x5 + x6 +x7

Each variable is expressed as the difference between their S2 and S1 electron configurations divided by 100 to yield a decimal coefficient:
x1 = Σ(S2x1- S1x1)/100, x2 = Σ(S2x2- S1x2)/100, ... Σ(S2x7- S1x7)/100

The Grand Unified Equation explained

A thought is essentially a configuration of electrons in the mind. Each variable (x1, x2, x3, x4, x5, x6, x7) represents a key dimension of a thought and each variable corresponds to one of the seven laws of the quantum mind. When a new thought is formed, the change in configuration of electrons for each dimension of that thought may be calculated as a decimal value and added up into a total. At the level of microtubule electrons encoding each variable, a state change from an 'on' to 'off' configuration or visa versa would be clarifying event and would have a value of +100. A state change from an 'undetermined' to either 'on' or 'off' would also be a clarifying event with a value of +100. A state change from either 'on' or 'off' to 'undetermined' would be a non-clarifying event and would have a value of -100. With this very simply protocol, the imported S1 and exported S2 data are used to compute the value of the state change and the formula below describes the aggregate effect of these microtubule electron shifts. When we add up the decimal coefficients of all seven variables and multiply it by the original classical wave energy, as expressed in the equation E = EcSq, we arrive at the total energy (E).

Dark Matter / Dark Energy identified

To calculate the dark energy contributed through quantum processing, simply subtract the classical energy component from the total. I have analyzed individual thoughts in this way and, not surprisingly, the dark energy component very closely conforms to the percentage of missing energy that physicists can't account for in their observations. Let's take the example of an astronomer like Fritz Zwicky making a direct cosmological observation and measurement. As the astronomer gazes through his telescope in an attempt to resolve the image, his mind produces a conscious gamma-wave thought in the range of 25 - 100 Hz. For the sake of this example, we'll say the thought has a frequency of 40 Hz. At this frequency, using the Planck-Einstein equation Ec = hv, we can determine that the classical energy of the thought wave is 40 Hz x 6.62607004 x 10-34 Js (Planck's constant) = 2.6504 x 10-32 JsHz. With his mind as the interface between the light -dark processing realms, the electron structure of this new thought becomes of central importance in the equation. Given the intensity of his desire to make a new observation, for the sake of simplicity, we'll say the average state change represented by the new thought averages out to 90% (sum of 'on', 'off' and 'undertermined' shifts) across the seven variables x1 through x7 . In reality, assessing the precise value of each variable will lead to a different number for each of the seven variables (which is also the key to programming our reality). For the sake of time, let's assume that it averages out to 90% or a decimal 0.90 per variable. When summed up using the equation Sq = x1 + x2 + x3 + x4 + x5 + x6 +x7, we determine the value of the Stryker quantum dipole to be (0.90 x 7) = 6.30. When multipled together in the final equation E = EcSq, we get E = 2.6504 x 10-32 JsHz x 6.30 = 16.6977 x 10-32 JsHz. As the astronomer's mind resolves the image, the S2 state information returns to his brain neuron microtules shifting their electron configuration to the S2 pattern. The frequency of his thought returns to an alpha wave of approximately 14 Hz (Ec = 9.276 x 10-33 JsHz), characteristic of an alert receptive state, as he receives the visual data.

So what happens to the 16.6977 x 10-32 JsHz produced by his thought? A 630% increase in energy it is far from inconsequential. We know it doesn't return to the astronomer's brain neuron microtubules as classical energy, whereby the neurons would start oscillating at 252 Hz! Since the energy produced by a quantum dipole is informatics-based, it drives changes to the informational structure of his reality. It literally changes what the astronomer sees and experiences as reality. Therefore, dark energy is the informational representation of a Stryker quantum dipole. It's what drives changes to the informational structure of our reality. Through the very process of generating a thought - such as Fritz Zwicky's observation of a galaxy cluster - the mind functions as the interface between the light-dark computational cycle, ultimately incorporating that new energy produced into the informational structure that is observed. In the above example, the dark energy contribution is 84.1%. Thus, a galaxy cluster that should have flung itself apart based upon its mass, is instead held together in the moment of observation, because the mind injects the energy required to construct a coherent state of information. In the above example, as I hinted earlier, gravity is largely dependent upon the existence of dark matter to explain its effects. Now that we understand the quantum informatics-basis of dark energy, we can start to see that gravity is not some force exerted 'out there'. It exists as a continual light-dark cycle of state information encoding the location, strength and size of the 'field' we experience firsthand or observe happening elsewhere. Though I said I wouldn't go into as explanation of the seven variables in the grand unified equation, I will tell you that the state information encoding gravity is contained in the x3 variable.

Quantum Mind Dynamics

The grand unified equation and its underlying principles introduced in this article essentially constitute a new field that I call Quantum Mind Dynamics. Using Quantum Mind Dynamics, I believe a person can begin to consciously and thoughtfully program their physical reality. The movement of energy through the light-dark cycle presented in this article is very much analogous to passing light through a prism - whereby if you change the structure of the 'prism', you change the pattern of 'light' that comes out on the other side. Far from a ‘new age’ concept, the discovery of the Grand Unified Equation and Seven Laws Of The Quantum Mind represents the culmination of a rigorous, cross-disciplinary scientific approach. It also marks the end of the technology paradigm and the beginning of the quantum mind paradigm. Like any paradigm shift, the quantum mind paradigm requires a new vocabulary in order for us to articulate its underlying principles. That said, a comprehensive and thorough treatment of this breakthrough is outside the scope of this article. Applying Quantum Mind Dynamics to consciously program one's reality requires a curriculum and takes time - four years to be precise. To that end, I have established a quantum mind institute to provide both the curriculum and launch platform for those gifted individuals who understand its power and potential in the new era: https://www.TheAkademia.com. While four years may seem like a daunting commitment, I (for one) would have rather spent my university years learning how to fundamentally shape my reality in accordance with things I genuinely loved doing. I am betting that most people out there feel the same way.


In conclusion, it has rarely been the ivory tower experts who opened up new windows of thought and changed the world. Einstein, a patent clerk, intuitively knew the answer to the question of relativity but couldn't do the non-Euclidean math to prove it. So, he relied upon a friend to help him. That's the way in which truth finds a path into this world. My journey has been comparably serendipitous, but I'm pleased to see that it has produced an equation and set of principles whose impact will hopefully extend far beyond the scientific community. This equation also gives life to a new and important field of study: Quantum Mind Dynamics. In summary, it helps to think of the Grand Unified Equation as a lock, the Seven Laws Of The Quantum Mind as a key, and the curriculum as giving the power to turn that key. Given the devolving and unstable environment brought on by the decline of the old paradigm, the resulting polarized political climate and senseless competition for resources 'out there', I believe it is none too soon to begin exploring this new era and applying Quantum Mind Dynamics. I intend to publish more on this subject and remain an active part of the movement to empower others to achieve their unique personal vision.

Credit for this article is shared with my wife Sapphire and daughter Milan. Without their intuition, questions and contribution, none of these ideas would have emerged



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