Akademia revisions the ancient ideal of physical, intellectual and imaginative development to create a powerful new educational model for achieving your true potential. Through our program you can attain the health, success and lifestyle that you desire.

How Do We Do It?

Physical Development

Akademia's physical component combines nutrition, exercise physiology and martial arts to put you on a path to achieving your ideal health and fitness status, while earning your black belt.


Intellectual Development

Akademia's intellectual component establishes new bridges between traditional academic subjects to provide a more meaningful understanding of the underlying principles of each field and how they interconnect.

Imaginative Development

Akademia's imaginative component introduces you to groundbreaking scientific principles that govern how the mind works to shape your reality. At Akademia, your success is only limited by your imagination.


Financial Empowerment

Akademia's program includes access to powerful resources that can enable you to fund your education and to achieve the lifestyle that you desire.

You can start immediately and Akademia guarantees that you cannot find this educational program anywhere else. If within 30 days of trying Akademia you are not completely satisfied with the program, we will refund your payment.


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