Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ's)

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Q:  How do I submit my video to you?
A:  Please click here and follow the steps outlined therein to submit your video.

Q:  When is the deadline to submit?
A:  The deadline is always the end of the month. Any submissions received after the deadline will be reviewed for the next month's award ceremony.

Q:  Is there a cost to enter?
A:  A nominal processing fee is required for each entry form.
Less than 5 minutes = $9.95
6 - 30 minutes = $14.95
31 - 60 minutes = $19.95
61 minutes or more = $29.95

Q:  Can I submit more than one entry?
A:  Yes, you may submit more than one entry.

Q: How can I pay the processing fee?
A: You may pay the processing fee using your credit card or PayPal account.

Q:  Why do I have to pay to enter?
A:  The processing fee covers the cost of organizing, viewing, debating, rating & communicating among judges, tallying & posting results.

Q:  I submitted my artist photo and video file(s), now what do I need to do?
A:  You’re all set. We will contact you if there were any errors in the submission process. Please be sure to keep an eye out for an official notification from us prior to Awards Day the 15th of the month.

Q:  I paid for a film submission but was unable to complete my information and upload my artist photo and video file(s).
A:  Please email your artist photo and video file to

Q:  What film category should I submit for?
A:  With 4 submission types, 15 possible roles and an extensive range of genres, there’s a lot to choose from. Check them out here. The best thing to do is submit your video under the closest category you can find. Rest assured the executives will place it in the appropriate category for awards consideration.

Q:  Is this an international program?
A:  Yes. We accept international submissions from all over the globe.

Q: Do I lose any rights to my video by submitting?
A: No. You maintain all of the rights to your video when you submit.

Q: Does my video have to be copyrighted?
A: We recommend having your material copyrighted in order to protect your work.

Q:  How are the winners determined?
A:  They are determined by our expert panel of judges, who are senior media executives from some of the largest companies.

Q:  When and how will you announce the winners?
A:  On Awards Day (the 15th of the following month), the winners will be notified by email. You may then share your award certificate with your family, friends and fans through social media and permanently link the page to any website you choose. Your award certificate becomes a permanent digital certificate of your achievement, complete with your review and video link - a certificate that is then circulated by The Akademia to millions of viewers and industry contacts through multiple media channels. And that's just the beginning of what The Akademia is going to do for you.

Q:  What can I win if I am selected?
A:  Winning an Akademia Award is a career milestone that immediately elevates you above the crowded playing field and distinguishes your achievements for a life time. In addition to your permanent digital award certificate, you will gain admission to The Akademia, a four year program founded on the new era of the quantum mind and full global marketing campaign through radio, press, video, retailers, licensing and live event channels. Finally, as a winner, you are automatically entered into consideration for the Artist Of The Year honors at our annual Akademia Gala Event.

Q: What is the Akademia Spotlight?
A: Film makers and actors who submit to The Akademia Film Awards may also be featured in an Akademia Spotlight, social media sites and in direct email to thousands of industry members and fans.


Q:  Who is the Akademia Team?
A:  The Akademia team consists of senior industry executives and educators, as well as a full staff of marketing and operations experts. We work hard to deliver the most crucial promotional services for film makers and actors, while minimizing costs. Protecting your interests is our top priority and reason for existing.

Q:  Who are your success stories?
A:  Through our global marketing campaign, many of our film makers and actors have grown their fan bases from a few hundred to a few hundred thousand and have been able to make their art their primary source of income. Please click here to view just a few of our hundreds of success stories and testimonials from all over the world.

Q:  What is the global marketing campaign?
A:  As an award winner, The Akademia provides the opportunity for you to embark on a full global marketing campaign through radio, press, video, retailers, licensing and live event channels. Through our global marketing campaign, we have helped hundreds of film makers and actors reach the next level of success in their careers.

Q: How do I enroll as a student?
A: As an Akademia Award winner you are eligible for admission to The Akademia and may enroll here. If you have any questions about enrollment, you may contact us via our Support page or call our office at 800-259-6185. Please be sure to mention to the receptionist that you are interested in enrollment and have questions.

Q:  Which press, video and other media channels do you work with?
A:  The Akademia owns and operates a vast network of radio stations, press syndicates and other media sites designed to take artists from relative obscurity to commercial success. Our network is global, with channels targeting cities from Los Angeles to Rio De Janeiro to Tokyo, each with a significant listener/viewer base.

Award Plaque Orders

Q:  When will my award plaque arrive?
A:  Please allow 4 - 6 weeks from your initial order date for delivery of your award plaque. We are confident that you will be pleased with both the quality and craftsmanship of your award.

Akademia Gala Event

Q:  When is the next gala event?
A:  As an award winner, you are automatically entered into consideration for the Artist Of The Year honors at our annual Akademia Gala Event. The next gala event will be held in the spring of the following year and will honor the Akademia Award winners of the previous year. All winners will receive an official invitation a few months before the event.

The Akademia Curriculum                                         

Q: What is The Akademia?
A: The Akademia is a creative learning institution for all ages and the only one of its kind in the world to embrace the quantum mind paradigm and develop a curriculum around the Five Laws of the Quantum Mind.

Q: What is the Quantum Mind paradigm?

A: In the course of history, there have been major paradigms or eras that have marked great change to the human societies throughout the world- from the agricultural paradigm to the technology paradigm. The old technology paradigm is rooted in a linear model and its premise is that the physical world is dominant over the realm of the mind. We are currently entering the Quantum Mind paradigm, which asserts that the processing power of the mind actually allows control over the physical world. Researchers have now demonstrated that the cells of the brain and body engage in quantum level processing and quantum effects, thus affecting matter at its most fundamental level.

Q: What are the Five Laws of the Quantum Mind?
A: The Five Laws of the Quantum Mind govern the interaction between the quantum mind and reality as we experience it. To understand and apply all five laws it to exert an unprecedented control over your reality, and all five laws amplify each other interdependently. The First Law of the Quantum Mind is the Law of Attraction, which states that each thought has a frequency that attracts the object of that thought into reality. The stronger the emotion associated with that thought, the faster and more powerfully it will manifest. The Five Laws of the Quantum Mind cannot be taught by simply providing a list and explanation, they must be experienced through an integrated curriculum to be effectively learned and applied. The Akademia is the only learning institution in the world with knowledge of the Five Laws of the Quantum Mind and the curriculum needed to transfer that knowledge to you.

Q: What is the meaning of 'your unique Personal Vision'?
A: Your unique Personal Vision is your vision statement for your ideal life that includes all key physical, intellectual and imaginative components. While there are structured components of each of these key areas in The Akademia curriculum that enable you to apply all Five Laws of the Quantum Mind, the higher goals in each area are completely up to you. The objective of the four year curriculum is the development of your unique personal vision culminating in a diploma and launch of your personal vision into the real world.

Q: What is a Creative Project?
A: Your Creative Project is a creative work in your primary interest area that you either submitted during the admission process or developed during the first year. During the four year program, you will create one new project per year, which will be the subject of your global marketing campaign.

Q: What is the cost of attending The Akademia?
A: The average college tuition for four years of college, room & board is private colleges is $138,853. Currently, the average student loan debt is $37,000. Compare that with the cost of attending The Akademia, which is $100 per month and no additional fee for books & materials.  At $100 per month, you can pay for your tuition and earn your degree as you go without accruing any college debt.

Q: What are the benefits of attending The Akademia versus other colleges?
A: The Akademia is the only learning institution in the world with knowledge of the Five Laws of the Quantum Mind and the curriculum needed to turn your personal vision into reality. In addition to saving tens of thousands of dollars for a degree, classes commence quickly after admissions, the reading requirements are modest (one hour per day) and you can earn your degree in the comfort of your own home.

Q: What type of degree would be offered by The Akademia? 
A: The Akademia offers a four-year degree and the launch of your personal vision. You may also pursue your Masters and Doctorate degrees through Akademia.

Q: What if I just want to try it out?
A: We encourage you to try The Akademia curriculum. At a cost of less than $100 to get started, who shouldn't give it a try? Although you may cancel at any time, we are confident that you will be satisfied with the unique knowledge and life-changing effects from the curriculum and learning and applying the Five Laws of the Quantum Mind.

Q: How do I submit my Application for Admission to The Akademia?
A: Please click here and follow the steps outlined therein to submit your application for admission.

Q: When is the deadline to submit?
A: The deadline is always the end of the month. You will receive a response to your application on the 15th of the following month.

Q: When do classes begin?
A:  If accepted into the program, classes will begin on the 1st of the month, two weeks after you receive your Admission Acceptance Letter.

Q: How can I pay for the tuition?
A: You may pay the tuition monthly using your credit card or PayPal account. The amount of $99.95 will automatically be deducted from your account on the same date every month. During enrollment, you will be able to set the monthly tuition withdrawal date.

Q:  I submitted my application, now what do I need to do?
A:  You’re all set. We will contact you if we have any questions on your application. Please be sure to keep an eye out for an Official Response to your application for admission on the 15th of the month via email.

Q:  I have been admitted to The Akademia. What materials do I need before class begins?
A: You will need a computer or mobile device with access to the internet. A few days before the beginning of each quarter, you will receive a link to the reading and video materials needed for that quarter.

Q:  What Interest Area should I choose if I am not yet sure which area I am interested in?
A:  It is okay if you are not sure about your Interest Area. The first year of the program is dedicated to discovering your personal vision. Your Personal Vision Project will be defined and developed over the course of the four years. If you are undecided about your Interest Area, please click here and select 'Undecided' as your interest area.

Q:  Is this an international program?
A:  Yes. We accept applications for admission from students anywhere in the world.

Q: Is The Akademia accredited?
A: The Akademia curriculum embraces the new Quantum Mind paradigm, whereas current college curricula and accreditation is inextricably tied to the old technology paradigm. Therefore it is not in our collective interest to pursue accreditation as it would undermine the effectiveness and objectives of the new model and would result in a perpetuation of the status quo.

Q: Who are The Akademia professors?
A: The Akademia curriculum was developed by our executive team in conjunction with a team of PhD experts in various fields. It is a self-directed course of study that enables you to obtain your four-year degree and launch your personal vision with a minimum cost (less than $100 per month) and time commitment (1 hour of study per day).

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