Akademia presents an amazing opportunity to develop your vision while earning income to fund that vision. For just a few hours of work each week you can potentially achieve financial independence while doing what you love. The beauty and symmetry of this model is that you achieve your vision by helping others achieve theirs.


Earn While You Learn

Once enrolled in Akademia, not only will you accrue no student debt, but you will receive a 50% commission for any client that you bring into the program. For example, by recruiting twenty clients you'll earn $10,400 over the course of the program. Akademia then expands your base, further increasing revenue for you. You'll not only gain the knowledge required to achieve your vision, you'll gain the funding necessary to do what you love well into the future. 

Akademia Advantage

The towering advantages of Akademia over a traditional university make recruitment easy. Akademia clients:

- Earn while they learn

- Pay less than $100 per month

- Accrue no student debt

- Start courses immediately on their phone

- Study only one hour per day

- Learn higher level principles not available anywhere else

- Develop, launch and fund their vision



50% Sales Commission

If you enroll in Akademia, for every client you recruit you'll receive a 50% commission from their first payment plus an additional recurring 10% commission for every month that they remain enrolled. That’s a four-year revenue stream requiring no additional work on your part. Furthermore, Akademia helps expand your downline to create additional revenue for you. As a result, there is no fixed limit to the amount you can earn through Akademia.




Earn while you learn.










Akademia. Making Your Vision A Reality.


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