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See below the many advantages of joining Akademia:

200+ XR Radio station placements worldwide (Free)

Whether you join as a free associate or Member, Akademia will place your music on over 200+ radio stations targeting six continents across the globe. Traditional radio stations consume thousands of giga-watt-hours of fossil fuel power per year leading to significant greenhouse gas emissions. On the other hand, XR radio delivers the highest quality audio via the internet resulting in neglible emissions - representing a far wiser choice for artists. Members may release multiple singles (five songs per membership) through our radio network.



Monthly XR Radio updates

Monthly XR Radio updates provide you with a list of all stations currently playing your music and enable you to click on any of the stations worldwide to tune in. This monthly profile also gives you access to the Grand Connection and other features. (Members only)

Access to our Grand Connection

The Grand Connection Program enables our entire community of artists to connect with each other, like, comment & subscribe, vastly increasing the level of exposure and feedback for all artists' creative works. As artists ourselves who love new music, we look forward to hearing your works and supporting you.
(Members only)

Eligiblity for annual award recognition, radio chart awards & more

You might be selected for annual award recognition, radio chart success and/or executive team recognition. These accolades help elevate your visibility and form an important part of your artistic legacy.
(Members only)



Access to Akademia Creativity Program

Akademia offers unique tools and guidance to unlock your true creative potential, transcend the usual obstacles and achieve unprecedented personal growth. (Full videos for Members only)

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