The Akademia was founded in 2008, just as evidence of the the new Quantum Mind era was surfacing. At the same time, there was clear evidence of the deficiencies in the current higher education system and the old linear paradigm it upheld. A team of PhD experts was assembled by Stryker, founder of The Akademia, to address the need for a new curriculum - one that would embrace the new Quantum Mind era, revolutionize education and help students unlock their unique personal vision. The initiative was a success and now The Akademia is the only creative learning institution in the world with knowledge of the Five Laws of the Quantum Mind, the Quantum Formula and the curriculum needed to transfer that knowledge to you.

Paradigm Shift

To understand the forces that have shaped The Akademia, it is important to understand precisely where we are in the context of human history and past paradigms. Looking at the graph on the right, you'll see that we are currently in transition between the Technology paradigm and Quantum Mind paradigm. Throughout human history, each new paradigm displayed the following characteristics:
- It resulted from a profound shift in human thinking.
- It brought about a substantial increase in value over the previous era and became the engine of economic growth.
- It rewrote the rules governing all previous paradigms, lifting the original constraints inherent to those paradigms.
- As the era matured and began its decline, it gave rise to (and enabled) the development of a new paradigm.

Comparison of New vs. Old Educational Models

A new educational model is needed to understand and thrive in the Quantum Mind era. On the right is a chart comparing new vs. old educational models, for contrast purposes. The fact that we are already in the new era enables us to see the striking differences between these models and helps us to understand the role of The Akademia in the new era.

If you have a desire to tap your creative potential and make your personal vision a reality, we encourage you to consider enrolling in The Akademia today. This is true whether you are fresh out of high school, a highly-educated seasoned career professional or a retiree. In the face of the new era, we have the chance to construct (or reconstruct) our lives in accordance with our true passions and goals at any time.

A New Frontier Awaits

We believe that deep down, everyone yearns to realize their full creative potential. This is why humanity has struggled through the ages to gain mastery over the physical and intellectual aspects of our reality. We now stand on the threshold of a third and awe-inspiring frontier: the Quantum Mind. Will you step forward and embrace your creative power to enrich the world with your unique gifts and vision? Or will you stand in the background? Your vision awaits.


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Graph of major paradigms in human history


Comparison of New vs. Old Models

  The Akademia
(new model)
Current Colleges
(old model)
Paradigm Quantum Mind paradigm Technology paradigm
Curriculum Objective Unlock your personal vision Classical academic subjects
Tuition Less than $100 per month $138,853 average total cost
Debt $0 $37,000 on average
Books & Materials $0 $4400 average total cost
Testing None Midterms and final exams
Time Requirement 1 hour / day 5 hours / day
Age Requirement None (must be able to comprehend the material) Typically 18 years or older
Class Schedule Self-directed study on your own schedule Rigid class times
Commute None Commute to campus
Start Date 1 month after applying 9 - 12 months after applying, if accepted
Degree Conferred Four-year degree & launch of your personal vision Four-year degree based upon a pre-defined major
Health Benefits You will achieve your ideal physical health Declining physical health
Martial Arts You will earn your black belt None
Networking Access to Akademia's network of strategic partners None
Employment Entrepeneur A conventional job with a 50% job satisfaction rate










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