Akademia was founded in 2008 to recognize creative talent from all across the globe. We have always believed that identifying and supporting the creative community is a mission of paramount importance, especially in a world increasingly at odds with artistic pursuits. In 2016, that mission was given even more gravity as we began to observe global distortions in the form of rising living costs, homelessness, domestic terrorism and global warming just to name a few. These unsettling conditions compelled our team to dig deeper beneath the conventional fields of science and humanities to discover a new field we now call quantum mind dynamics. Using this new set of principles, we were not only able to solve some of the longstanding scientific and humanities questions, but were also able to envision a new environment in which the quantum mind - your mind - can truly thrive.

Akademia is committed to bringing this about through our 100 Cities Plan, an ambitious strategy for creating a new safe haven near each major city of the world - a place where creative individuals can interact, tour and thrive on a level not previously possible. It is also a chance to design things better from the ground up, providing affordable housing and utilizing only renewable resources. Whether you consider yourself to be a creative individual or not, we believe that deep down everyone has something they would love to be doing with their time. All it takes is the right environment for that passion and vision to emerge. With the pandemic as a stark 'road closed' sign on the old way of doing things, the time is now to become a part of this historic journey. Register today for free to become a future artist resident of Akademia near you and we will contact you shortly with details and next steps.

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Meet The Founders

    Stryker (born Anwar Najmi) is an artist, musician and systems theorist who was born and raised in Peoria, Illinois and moved to Los Angeles at the age of 21 where he met his wife Sapphire. After completing their bachelors and masters degrees and working in various managerial and executive positions, they left the business world to found Akademia in 2008, an organization dedicated to supporting and advancing the creative community. Below are some examples of Stryker's artwork, music and scientific publications. Sapphire is also an accomplished systems theorist, pianist, chef and loving mother to their daughter Milan.

Scientific Articles

Grand Unified Equation Solved (Physics)

Five Oldest Mysteries of Mathematics Solved (Mathematics)

The Great Economics Debate Solved (Economics)

The Quantum Basis Of Medicine (Biology)



Contemporary Pop


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