Success Stories

Our fusion of real-world record business knowledge with new media technology has proven to be a potent combination. Below are just a few of the hundreds of success stories associated with The Akademia. Some of these artists have worked with us for years and others just a few months. Yet, all have seen a measurable impact on their exposure, fan base growth and financial return on their music.



As a winner of two Akademia Awards as well as the track reaching number one on two of the affiliate radio network chartz, I would like to thank the Akademia team for the great work they have achieved with my radio/press campaign. I very much appreciate their dedication and work in that regard. The Akademia certainly deserves high praise for their support of the many talented independent musicians who are practicing their art and trying to advance their careers in this rewarding but complicated business. I will certainly be submitting my new album (planned release this year) to The Akademia for consideration.

Paul Blissett

The Akademia team is focused on how radio of the future will be a key of success for indie artists around the globe.  Gone are the days where traditional stations will play a song for the heck of it. It's all corporate big bucks through iHeart Radio and other major companies.  Indie artists need an alternative option to have their music heard!  The team at Akademia is creating this new method to listen, market and share music with your fans around the world.

Garrett Miller

Our band Haivyn was awarded for our song 'Anymore'. We were invited to their event at the Rose Bowl of all places. The entire night was free from limo ride to drinks. Akademia definitely put a lot financially into this event. Artist from all over the world came to be recognized and the night was not only about awards but an overwhelming rewarding feeling to so many artist that otherwise do not get patted on the back for their efforts and contributions to music. Just to clear any doubt, at no time were we asked to pay any fees to participate in the event. Thanks Akademia for a great time!!!


Sometimes when it seems too good to be true, it's still true. The Akademia is for real and not a scam. They have taken another route that is entirely outside of the old school music industry. No more sitting around and waiting for one guy to decide if your music worth promoting, hearing or not. It's the public that listens and buy music, and so let them decide. No more packing CD'S on a truck, ship, or plane to get it to the people. These days everybody goes to the internet to listen, share, buy and download music. Watch music videos on Youtube etc. and not waiting for MTV, VH1 or whatever big budget tv station that is out there, before they can see their favorite artist on TV.  Now that's the new music industry. And this is what The Akademia is using to give every struggling artist a piece of the pie. It's spiritually uplifting when you think, the thing you are doing is not sufficient, and then someone comes by and say hey man it's great. Keep it up! I was at The Akademia April 21, 2016, music awards, and it was awesome. The officials were very friendly and down to earth. It's what an artist need to generate good spirit. I received my award, and I felt proud of myself after all these years of trying. Of course, I did pay to be a member, because I think it is a good idea and it worth it. I look forward to the next award event, and that it will be different from the 2016 event, hope that there will be artist performances.  And also that there will be a way for the artists, to start getting something back for their music. I want to thank The Akademia for the award I appreciate it. Bravo The Akademia! Keep up the good work you are doing. 


I can only write this review based on my experience and not on innuendo or rumours. Sure I had read all the stuff on the internet regards to Akademia and had to make an informed decision as to whether to proceed or not. I am also a little biased because I ended up with a pretty great award in the process. I started entering my songs with Akademia in early last year. No scam there...They say ...this is the price for the song (or album) to enter...nothing untoward there...they are not twisting you arm or anything!! I have been fortunate to win a number of awards for my music since I started entering my songs. I was invited to attend the Gala in Pasadena. Melbourne , Australia is a long way away and at some expense , as well. I can only say from what I have experienced and seen first hand that the Akademia Music Awards were really a well executed event, with over 1000 people in attendance, musicians of all differing colour, creed, ambition, genre, ect. I firmly believe that the Akademia group of executives truly believe in what they are doing, sure they are running a business, every business has the right to succeed monetarily, I am certain the Taco joint down  the road is in it to make money and to survive. I had a great time, met some fantastic people, met the executives who were generous with their time, will continue to submit my music and maybe more...... to the people of the akademia music awards...I say '''well done!'

Galliano Sommavilla

Luna 13 had a blast! One of the most innovative ideas I have seen in the music industry! The people that are complaining here OBVIOSLY were not at the event! Super professional and a f****n blast!

Luna 13

Thee Identicals are very proud to be associated with The Akademia family and we are grateful for the unparalleled global exposure The Akademia has participated in, to enable us to meet life-long friends and fellow writers and performers of songs from around the world. Thanks to you, Thee Identicals had nothing short of the time of our lives!
We received stats from Facebook 48 hours later stating: "Over 1,000 people are talking about Thee Identicals." That is concrete proof that the Akademia business model is real and potent and we await The Akademia's plans to further the trajectory of Thee Identicals. WE BELIEVE!

The Identicals

Nobody told me so, I attended and experienced it for myself - I was there in L.A. for a whole week. I traveled from the UK to Pasadena, LA and the Akademia Music Awards event was one of the best experiences I have had since I've been involved in music. When God promised me that my music would become international I never dreamed it would be on this MASSIVE scale.

My first professional song "God Will Bring You Home" has now become a globally recognized hit song with the tremendous support of the Akademia Team, especially because of the Award I received from The Akademia Music Awards Team for Best Christian Song January 2016. My Song was #3 in April 2016 before the Akademia Awards Event and now it is back at #1 in two categories on Reverbnation since the Akademia Award event on 21st April 2016 in Pasadena, CA.

If I had followed the rumors and slanderous comments I read on the internet, I would have missed out big time (I believe the Akademia should do something about the slander and false representations being published about it)!

The overall event was so inspiring, I am now working on the song God inspired me with out of that exuberant experience! Thank you Akademia and I wish you much success in years to come!

Bishop Sylbert Clarke

Many things have been said about the Akademia Music Awards and I am here to testify that the Gala was a great success. We were picked up from our hotels in amazing limos, walked a beautiful red carpet, photographed with our awards, and photographed with the amazing executives. The Gala took place at the Rose Bowl and it was an amazing time. The wine and champagne flowed. It was a great for the Akademia to honor those that have won over the past years. It was great way to network and meet some of the most amazing artists. Everything was financed by the Akademia. We didn't have to pay a fee for anything. I am honored to be an Akademia Music Award winner!!

Natalie Jean

Regarding The Akademia Gala Event 2016, What a night! Perfect weather and a night to remember.
The Akademia is one of a very few organization working real hard to help music artist to grow and get more exposure in a very organized way.I am very honored to get recognition for many years of working, learning and enjoying the process to create music.

To all the staff at The Akademia: Thank you and please keep up with your good work.

El Magico Hector Lopez

The Akademia Music Awards ceremony was super! Thank you for the year of international radio and superstardom Akademia family!

Caroline B.

I want to personally thank you (and on behalf of SWAMP DIXIE in New Zealand) for being pioneers in a sometimes corrupt industry and allowing artists like ourselves, who would not ordinarily get a look in, to be seen and heard. Bless you, bless you and stay strong. As we would say in our native tongue in New Zealand "Kia Kaha"

Swamp Dixie

Thank you, for the support, the akademia is such a blessing for independent artists everywhere! I owe my success to the whole executive team at the akademia music awards!

Ricardo Duran

Shout out the Akademia team for the fabulous 2016 Gala event held on 21 April at the Rose Bowl in Pasedena, CA. Also, I would like to say thanks for the nomination and subsequent award of Artist of the Year in the Rap/Hip-hop category. My team and I are expressing extreme gratitude for many reasons. Previously, it has been extremely difficult to get recognized. Getting recognized may have something to do with our choice to address social concerns in our music. This is a choice that I won't wavier on. Thanks to a great Akademia team no waivering was needed. Myself, co-arthor Sphere TU and the Troubled entertainment team will hold this award dear to our hearts.

DJ Trouble Enuff

Dear The Akademia Team:
Many thanks for your kindness, support, and guidance. With your input and enthusiastic contribution, we have enjoyed our most successful year.

Thank you for your significant contribution to our success.

Melotone Muse Productions
Monty Guy

I would like to say a big Thank You to the Akademia for all you did for me. All the radio play, media coverage I received helped me a great deal to build up my presence in the music business. Due to all of the Akademia's efforts and belief in my music I met the manager of UnderGround Railroad Entertainment Group and am now a part of Murder Inc/ Def Jam Recordings. 

Thank you so much Akademia for everything and I would like to say one last thing to all the Independent Artists out there striving to make a name for themselves. Wherever Akademia puts your music in, please capitalize on that and promote it everywhere because you never know who is watching. Remember you are the one who is truly responsible for your own success! Akademia creates the platform and it's up to you to make it work for you and let music execs, labels and promoters know you exist. 

I am humbled and grateful, thank you Akademia!! 

Giovanni, Murder Inc/ Def Jam Recording Artist

Dear Akademia, Thank you SO much for this good news! It's a continual happy feeling having my good music in such good hands as yours!...with all of your great ideas and on-going support with excellent contacts and promotion!  All Thanks again!

Irene Leland

I want to tell all of you who have negative thoughts about Akademia to drop your fears with Akademia. I promoted my first CD "Cultural Fusion" the old way in early 90's with snail mails and phone calls and received US and International distribution without any internet helps. Radio stations aired my music the old way without internet too. This is definitely the new approach to promote your music!

To be honest, all Akademia asked for my submission was a $19.95 submission fee. They are not into this business to scam people's money. After attending their award gala, I was certain of that. This organization will bring the world's music to Hollywood and bring Hollywood to the rest of the world!

Congratulations Akademia for caring and recognizing my music!

Alex W.

I'm impressed with the diligence of this company.   They're truly seeking new talent that the music industry so desperately needs!  After nearly 2 years of releasing my band's (The Elpis Paradox) album we got noticed by Akedemia and actually was presented with a award.  It's been a great uplifting experience for the band.  It can be difficult to get any recognition in the industry today and it's great to know that Akedemia is looking out for the little guy.  We are very excited to be attending the Gala event in April that they are graciously hosting!

The Elpis Paradox

Two time Akademia award winner King Carter showin love! Couldnt be where i am now without the support of this great label. They do really great things for independent artists.

King Carter

Great news!!! Thank you for doing a great job of my radio campaign! Cheers!

James Dore

Again, Thank You Sooo Much!! This is my 1st official Feature Story... It's Priceless to me.  I am Truly Grateful and do Appreciate

Everything you've done for me!!!  Sincerely,

This is very important to me, i´m very happy, let´s go change the world, thank you!!!

Vitor Vieira

Thank You so much I had a blast. I loved the show it was an awesome event . I would love to be a part of your next live event . Tell everyone I said Thank You so much. Everyone I met had a positive great attitude. It was a very good atmosphere to be a part of. I would like to perform at every live event you have. Happy Holidays to everyone and much love and respect from

Lisa Trindade

I really enjoyed the show and performing and I'm looking forward to the event in January!  Thank you for the opportunity and all your efforts! Wishing you a fantastic weekend!


Hey guys, I just wanted to say thanks for this opportunity. I really appreciate all the hard work you have done helping artist like myself get heard. Thanks again!

Mista Switcha

Thank you The Akademia! All my gratitude to you for your steadfast support. Best,


The Best, I am So Happy to have Won Numerous Awards and would recommend them to any other Fine Artists I know. I am blessed with the recognition among many candidates.

T.C. Eckstein, Vocalese

Akademia Music Awards is by far the "very Best" Winning multiple awards with them is a great achievement.

Jim Richardson Jr.

The Akademia Music Awards strive to help musicians succeed!!

Natalie Jean

To everyone at the Akademia working on my behalf - I am knocked out with what you are doing!  Thank you so much!!!  Let's hope for amazing things!!  Again, thank you so much and here's to a wonderful New Year for us all!

Barbara Hills

It's the Best. I would suggest this for anyone I give it 5 stars

Trevor Carlesi

Hi Akademia Press Department,
I am very pleased with this feature story.  Thank you for the warm presentation.   It will be my pleasure to share this link with friends, fans, and family.  I truly appreciate the opportunity for its distribution.  Special thanks to Brandon and the Editor.  


This is "AWESOME" Gauss did a "TREMENDOUS" job on the re-mixes of all these songs. I love it and will share this with everyone I know. I just posted it to face book and will share it everywhere.

Thank you,

Dear Akademia!
As a front man of Los Hermos Band I want warmly thank The Akademia Awards for such an honour to be one of the winners and getting chance to work with you as part of the campaign which already been started.

Best wishes!
Riku Turpeinen/Los Hermos Band

This is truly delightful and appreciative in Marquix Global Networks allowing me to be the topic of a feature story. Thanks again to you, The Akademia, in promoting my music. It has certainly been quite a ride in the past year or so being involved with your organization. If there's anything else required, please let me know.

Steve Parisien

Hi Guys!! 
You guys are doing an awesome job and I wanted to personally thank you for your obvious love of music, the biz and the artist. Much love.

Michelle Joly

Good Job! The header and opening paragraph once again is an example of the quality skills at Akademia.  Yes it is complimentary to me but, as well, the conceptual overview is concise and well written.  Actually, it was the reviews of my material upon winning that was a deciding point in becoming a member.  It convinced me that there was a high level of talent within the organization.  I can see that the answers to the questions were not exactly what you would normally expect but that has more to do with the material that I sent than anything else (the material was more about the business than me).  The piece does get across the idea that someone such as myself can adapt to the new paradigms of the business and still remain relevant.

Andy Camp

Sol Romero

Genre: Pop
Location: Los Angeles, CA
Facebook Fans: 309,766
With The Akademia Since: 2013

Vitor Vieira

Genre: Rap / Pop
Location: Rio De Janeiro, Brazil
Facebook Fans: 198,073
With The Akademia Since: 2013

The Silver Snails

Genre: Pop Rock
Location: Bertinoro, Italy
Facebook Fans: 1,990,285
With The Akademia Since: 2016


Genre: Pop
Location: Los Angeles, CA
Top YouTube Video Views: 1,273,958
With The Akademia Since: 2014

Aizat Amdan

Genre: Singer-Songwriter
Location: Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia
Facebook Fans: 486,397
With The Akademia Since: 2013


Genre: Rap / Hip-Hop
Location: Toronto, Canada
Top YouTube Video Views: 2,012,092
With The Akademia Since: 2015


Genre: World Beat
Location: Bangalore, India
Facebook Fans: 312,577
Achievements: Grammy Award Winner
With The Akademia Since: 2016


Genre: Rock
Location: Minneapois, MN
Facebook Fans: 34,703
Achievements: Single hit #1 on the charts
With The Akademia Since: 2013


Genre: Pop Rock
Location: Los Alamitos, CA
Facebook Fans: 29,354
With The Akademia Since: 2013


Genre: Rock
Location: New York, NY
Facebook Fans: 235,126
With The Akademia Since: 2015

These are only a few examples of the hundreds of success stories associated with The Akademia. We encourage you to see what The Akademia can do for your career today.

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