Your Vision + Akademia = Your Reality

Sound, light and language may be shaped in near-infinite ways by the human mind. Each creative act renders some original truth about the artist and their vision of the world. Through the millennia, leading thinkers have attempted to explain why some people are able to turn their visions into full-blown reality.

In 2008, a team out of Los Angeles looked at the problem for the first time in four dimensions and conceived a solution that is changing the lives of artists all across the globe. Contrary to conventional wisdom, The Akademia starts with the premise that from birth, each artist already possesses the knowledge and abilities required to achieve their creative vision. But like the tumblers of a great lock, our physical, intellectual and imaginative components must be engaged in a continuous cycle to decode this information stored deep in our sub-conscious neural network and DNA.

Think of The Akademia as a friend and adventuring companion - here to guide you on the ultimate journey to decode and unlock your unique personal vision. Like any great adventure, it will test you in all the right ways. It will be thrilling and challenging in equal turns. But in the end, could you really be satisfied if you didn’t try?

If you are ready to embark on the path towards your vision, then you are in the right place at the right time. Your vision + Akademia = Your reality













With expertise in every important aspect of the media business, including composition, production, marketing, management, IT, finance, legal and more, the Akademia team brings a powerful cross-disciplinary approach to recognizing talent and developing the careers of artists worldwide.


President & CEO
Head of XR Media Programming for the United States & Canada, Executive Board Member, musician, composer, producer. With fives albums, top-ten international chart activity and placement of numerous songs on major television series under his belt, Stryker now devotes his full energy to the development and advancement of artists from all across the globe. With a Bachelors degree in Biology and Masters degree in Business, Stryker brings twenty-five years of business management and executive experience to his role.

Chief Operating Officer
Head of XR Media Programming for Asia & the Pacific Rim, Executive Board Member and musician. Sapphire's educational resume includes a Bachelors degree in Chemistry, a Masters degree in Business and fifteen years of managerial experience. As an accomplished pianist and creative collaborator with Stryker on numerous projects, Sapphire brings a wealth of media knowledge and business acumen to the Akademia team.
Ken Wilson

Strategic Advisor, Executive Board Member, Record Executive, living legend. Ken is a former senior executive at Arista Records, Columbia, MCA, J Records and Warner Brothers. Veteran record executive Ken Wilson has shaped the careers of legendary artists such as Beyonce, Alicia Keys, Whitney Houston, Mariah Carey, Michael Jackson, Seal, Sade, George Michael and many more, leading to record sales in excess of $2 Billion.

Head of XR Media Programming for Europe & Russia, Manufacturing Specialist, musician. Mitchell is also a recording and production engineer who enjoys working with artists to develop their work and achieve their full potential. He is particularly fond of experimentation and pioneering new production techniques.

Head of XR Media Programming for the Middle East & Africa, Executive Board Member, business strategist, finance executive. Having held senior posts at major PR agencies, Marc brings decades of finance and business expertise to the careers of Akademia artists, helping them to navigate around industry pitfalls and maximize their financial opportunities created by The Akademia's new music ecology. Marc is fluent in English and Hebrew.


Marketing Specialist and Project Coordinator. Kenzie's role at The Akademia is to help reach new artists from all across the globe and to ensure that all divisions work in a coordinated manner to bring artists the highest service level possible. She is fluent in English and French and brings excellent communication and organizational skills to her role.



Media Submissions & Awards Specialist. Maria's role at The Akademia is to assist new artists through the review and awards process to ensure that all submissions receive the full attention of the executive team. She is also fluent in English and Spanish and brings exceptional communication and customer service skills to her position.


Akademia Brand Manager, artist, graphic designer. Lisa's intuitive grasp of artist and listener preferences alike give her a marketing edge in defining and differentiating the Akademia brand, as well as the unique brand of each artist. Her knowledge of social media platforms and trends ensures that artists will always be one step ahead of changing marketing conditions.

IT, Data Management and Data Security. Krunal is responsible for managing and organizing the substantial volume of artist data, allowing The Akademia team to identify and work with the best candidates worldwide. His expertise also ensures that all client data is kept secure.

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