The era of the Quantum Mind is upon us and there has never been a better opportunity to bring your unique personal vision to the world. As a new university student, you're going to have a very important decision to make: Do you follow the old educational path or embrace the new? The choice you make will have lifelong consequences. The scientific community and general public are now beginning to converge on a profound realization: that the incalculable processing power of the mind enables you to create and program your own reality. While the traditional university has remained focused on teaching you how the world works, The Akademia is interested in discovering how your world works. Through our ground-breaking curriculum, let The Akademia help you harness your full creative power so you may unlock your unique personal vision and enrich the lives of others all across the globe. Complete the short application below and see where the right education can take you.

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1.The Akademia is the only learning institution in the world to embrace the new era of the Quantum Mind.

2. Current colleges are dangerously outdated in this new era.

3. The Akademia costs less than $100 per month. The average four-year college, room and board cost is $138,853.

4. No financial aid needed. No student debt.

5. No expenses for books and materials.

6. No tests. Course methodology and relevance to your personal vision ensure knowledge retention.

7. Requires only one hour of study each day. Emphasis is on quality not quantity.

8. No age restriction. If you can read and understand the material, The Akademia is within your grasp.

9. Self-directed study from home on your schedule. No commuting hassle and expense.

10. You can start now. No waiting months for admission and enrollment.

11. The Akademia curriculum is focused on developing your unique personal vision, not routing you into a pre-defined job track.

12. You'll achieve your ideal physical health status as a natural benefit of the curriculum.

13. You'll earn your black belt in the martial arts as a natural benefit of the curriculum.

14. Full access to The Akademia's network of strategic partners to launch your personal vision.

15. You may not have to work for someone else ever again.

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